Maximizing Communication & Independence

Stroke's impact on speech and language can be significant and difficult. But understanding the various conditions and how to improve them, or work around them, can help to enhance independence and quality of life.

Senior Couple in the kitchen talking

Tips for Socializing with Aphasia

Losing the ability to communicate is profoundly stressful for stroke survivors. But treatments and strategies for finding your words are introduced every day. Communication recovery is a giant step towards independence. 

Constraint Induced Language Therapy for Aphasia

This type of therapy is now applied to speech therapy.

Actions Speak as Loud as Words

Intentional gestures can help people with aphasia not only communicate better and also access spoken language more effectively.

When the Word Escapes

Often survivors with aphasia struggle with speech, but they can sing. We take a look at a program helping in this situation learn to speak again.

Options for Aphasia Therapy When Insurance Stops

Recovery from aphasia is a process that can continue for many years. Unfortunately, most people find that their insurance coverage runs out before they are ready to end therapy.