Ditch the Resolutions with 21 Days of Gratitude

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Planning your New Year’s resolutions? Some people join a new gym. Others try to lose weight. Or maybe you want to train for your first marathon. These are all good goals, but the question is, will making a resolution help you achieve them?

It turns out, the new year may not be the best time to make big changes. January can be stressful enough with getting back into the swing of things, so you may not be in the best mental and physical state to start a tough New Year’s resolution. This year, try something different: Ditch the resolutions and join us for 21 Days of Gratitude.


Polls show that while 41% of Americans make resolutions, only 9% feel they were successful.1 With the cards already stacked against you in trying to get back to “normal” after the holidays, the negative impact of failure may make it feel like change isn’t possible for you. And that’s just not true! So, a resolution may do more harm than good, especially if you feel discouraged or stressed about keeping it.

Our goal is to help you build a solid foundation of positivity, so you’ll be set up for success as you tackle health goals throughout the year.

Don’t start the new year on a negative note by setting an unrealistic goal or focusing on the goals you haven’t accomplished yet. Just because it’s a New Year doesn’t mean you have to be a New You!


Start the New Year right by building yourself up. Acknowledge everything you can be proud of and what you’ve already accomplished. Take time to appreciate the people who helped you get here.

Thank your body for all the amazing things it does to keep you healthy and strong.

Practicing gratitude can help set you on a path of success in creating real, lasting health changes. When you have a positive attitude and outlook, you’ll be way more primed for overcoming challenges later on as you make changes throughout the upcoming year.

So, ditch the resolutions and join us for 21 Days of Gratitude. It all starts on January 7. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and make YOUR little step toward big changes so you can be #HealthyForGood.

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