Tips and Gadgets for Daily Activities

man sitting on bed at home taking medicine from organizer

After a stroke, routine activities can be a challenge. Getting dressed, making a sandwich, doing laundry – these tasks become huge obstacles.  Here are some tips and gadgets that might be helpful.


  • Save energy. Sit rather than stand where possible.
  • Plan and pace. Before you start your day, think ahead. Plan to take breaks and rest. Break up more difficult tasks into shorter, simpler bites.  Pacing yourself is essential to allow your brain and body to do their best.
  • Simplify.
    • Dressing is easier when clothes have fewer fasteners. Consider items with hooks and loops rather than zippers.
    • Making the bed is easier when you use a duvet rather than multiple layers of blankets.
    • Use a medication organizer. 
  • Delegate


  • Reachers. Place one in each room of your house.
  • Stabilizers. These make it possible to do tasks with one hand, like rubber jar grippers and rubberized shelf liners.
  • Apps. Use these as reminders and schedulers. They’re also great for regulating household systems like thermostats and lights.